Early in life, we often learn that it is not safe to express certain emotions.  We are met with the disapproval and withdrawal of parental or peer support.  When emotions are suppressed often enough, they become an  unconscious energy that can dominate our lives. This energy can emerge as repeated patterns of the same emotional traumas or as physical pain or distress.

What is new about modern psychotherapy is that the body is recognised as a real part of emotional expression or repression.  It deals with actual feelings and emotions rather than theorising about them.

The thinking and rational processes are used mainly as a lead into the deeper work.

We repress our emotions for very good reasons.  To bring them to consciousness means facing the fears that led to the suppression in the first place.  Many people balk at facing their fears, however, if they are ready to deal with them, they can quickly discover the truth about themselves in a deeply satisfying way.