Bodymind Psychotherapy/Counselling invites couples to improve their relationship by offering                                 


 them an opportunity to grow and to heal together.

  It is important that both partners are willing and are ready to take responsibility for their part in the healing process.  This is done in a safe, non judgmental environment.

It is my role as the therapist, not only to listen to the couple for unconscious beliefs, but also to observe the way the couple interact with one another.  I may notice such things as the tone of voice, certain gestures and postures etc, and from these observations design experiments to explore the unconscious material.

Mindfulness is the main tool used within this method of therapy.  It is the turning of attention inward.  This allows the couple to notice any thoughts, feelings, memories, images or sensations that are present, to come into awareness and to be processed.

Unconscious behavioural patterns and beliefs often stem from childhood or other past experiences, and when left unrecognised, they have the power to affect every intimate relationship.  Gaining a deeper understanding of the beliefs formed in response to early life experiences makes real change possible.

When both partners show their vulnerability and allow it to be seen by the other, an opportunity is presented to open the heart for compassion to flow. Couple's therapy provides the space for re-connection.

Click here to view an example of how an experiment is used in a couples session.