Bodymind Psychotherapy/Counselling works on the different levels of awareness:  body, mind and emotion. Mindfulness is a key tool used for developing our capacity to be present with ourselves and with others.  Often experiences that are occuring in our lives and that are eliciting strong emotional responses are rooted in our childhood experiences.  All of us have developed patterns and ways of functioning in response to our childhood experiences, and it is these that can limit who we are and who we can become.

It is within the body, in the muscles and cells, that our stories and our longings, along with our habitual patterns and protective behaviours have been imprinted.

Bodymind Psychotherapy helps the client shine a light on these patterns of thinking, feeling, and acting, and allows them an opportunity to explore:

  1. What these patterns are.
  2. Where they are held within the body.
  3. Why these were needed, and to evaluate their usefulness in the clients life today.

Within the process, clients are given the choice to continue with these patterns if helpful, or to change them if they no longer work, and to "try on" other ways of being in the world.  In exploring our patterns and beliefs and uncovering who we are, life can be immeasurably better than we ever thought possible.

The use of Oriental Medicine in the form of acupressure and chi balancing, along with the Indian chakra system, aids in dealing with the free flow of our emotions.  Oriental Medicine is based on the premise that each of our inner organs is affected by our emotional extremes of suppression or expression.  Bodywork is used to help restore the balance and create a free flow of energy along the meridian pathways and within the major energy centres (chakras).